Darrell Peck lands monster tuna on 12lb Touchdown!

No stranger to catching immense carp on Korda gear, Darrell Peck took his big fish skills abroad and landed a tuna of a lifetime after a 90-minute fight… on 12lb Touchdown main line, 3lb test curve carp rod and a Daiwa SS 2600!

Fresh back from his travels, Darrell told us: “We were on a stag-do in Greece on a sailing holiday, visiting a few different islands, and I took a couple of travel rods and did a bit of float fishing – we even caught an octopus!

We were told by the guys we rented the boat off that if we saw birds showing offshore than there’s a good chance that there would be tuna or marlin in the area. On the second-to-last day we were coming back to port and a storm came in, and the stag noticed lots of birds on the surface and we could see tuna attacking the fish.

So I rigged up with 12lb Touchdown main line and a 20lb IQ2 fluorocarbon leader and went round the outside of the shoal, put the lure – a big plastic fish imitation - out the back and next thing we knew, all hell had broken loose!

It went on a massive run on the bite and we had to reverse after it, and had to chase it down in the boat for quite a while. It was hard work on a 3lb test curve rod.

Towards the end of the fight it did a massive dive but after that I gained line slowly and it was game over – my mate got in the water and lassoed it round the tail.

It turned out to be a 23kg Bluefin tuna. Two Tone and The Fat Lady had nothing on this fight - it was 90 minutes of sheer hell!”

Touchdown, launched last year to critical acclaim from the angling press and carp community, is incredibly abrasion resistant and offers very little stretch, making it easy to 'feel' what's happening at the business end in a similar way to a braided main line. Available in 10, 12, 15 and 20lb breaking strains, it comes on 1,000m spools and retails at £19.99. If it's man enough to land monster tuna, it's good enough for any carp that swims!

Darrell is off on his travels again soon - but this time to shoot a new film in Europe featuring monster carp from some amazing venues. Look out for the end result in a few months.