Darrell Peck breaks the deadlock with an upper-30!

Darrell Peck has spent the early part of the Spring plugging away on the Bayeswater syndicate, and his efforts finally paid off.

The fishing had been very slow, but he managed to break the deadlock by reading the conditions and thinking carefully about his choice of rig, which resulted in this stunning upper-30 common!

Darrell tells us: “I waited at home for the brunt of Storm Doris to pass, before getting myself down to the Bayeswater syndicate for a session. The gale force winds eventually subsided, and I set off early in the morning.

“The tail end of the storm was still with us, but it had died down to a nice strength wind, blowing into one corner of the lake. With it still fishing slow, and the carp seemingly lying low, I opted to set up on the windward bank to see if the storm had pushed any of the lakes residents down into the corner.

“Sadly, there wasn’t a lot to report during those two nights, apart from a few uncomfortable night’s sleep, whilst Doris thrashed out the last of its anger. I headed home a little dejected, but I knew that if nothing else, the wind and rain of the last week had to have stirred the lake and its inhabitants from any remaining winter slumbers.

“I spent a night at home, but the weather still felt so good that I had to get back down for another night! I arrived mid-morning and quickly scoffed some breakfast before setting off for a lap of the lake to try and find where the carp were hiding. I walked for an hour or so but sadly it was fruitless - the only sign I could latch onto was that standing on the back of the wind felt noticeably warmer than anywhere else on the lake!

“With my swim choice made, I loaded the barrow and made my way round to where I had placed my bucket to reserve the swim. I’d fished the swim a few times before, so I already knew roughly where to put my rods, but with the warmth in the air, I chose to begin the session on zigs.

“I tied my zigs with 11lb Zig Line and size 10 Mixa hooks and for the lead system, I used my usual set-up, consisting of a Hybrid Lead Clip and an Anti-Tangle Sleeve. I have set my zigs up in this way for a while now and I believe it offers both brilliant anti-tangle properties, plus the strength required to land any of the huge carp that swim in Bayeswater.

“I proceeded to fan out three rods in roughly nine feet of water, all set up with zigs of around three to four feet. I have had good success in the past with this length of zig in these sort of depths, so not wanting to spook any carp that might be in the area already, I thought this would be a good depth to start off with. If nothing happened, in the morning I would begin playing around with different depths. For hookbaits, I was using black foam that had been soaking in Pineapple Supreme Goo for three years.

“As I hadn’t seen any fish activity, the last thing I was expecting after only half-an-hour was for my left-hand rod to buckle round in the rest, and for the spool to go into meltdown. I calmly hit the rod, and as always when playing fish on zigs, I took my time and allowed the fish to take line when needed. Thankfully the size 10 Mixa stayed set in the bottom lip and I was soon able to lift the net around what looked to be a sizeable common.
“I set my camera up for a few self-takes and weighed the stunning common, which was the first bite to come from the lake in over five months! I was buzzing with this result and although no more action was forthcoming during that session, I felt this quick zig bite signalled the beginning of the good times to come. Not that it mattered, but the common span the needle on the scales to 37lb 12oz!”