Darrell Lands The Client

Darrell Peck has once again proven his pedigree as one of the best big-fish anglers around by banking his latest target fish. The awesome Client, which lives in a 90-acre Cambridgeshire stillwater, succumbed to Darrell’s approach on the second night of his third session of the season on the giant pit.
The great fish was Darrell’s sixth fish (he’s since gone on to take another three to over 30lb.) this spring and weighed in at 46lb 4oz.
Darrell found the fish showing at extreme range, perhaps 180-200 yards out into the lake. With the wind at his back, he was able to blast a hook bait out to 140 yards – as near to the fish as he could get! Happy that was all he could do, he settled in for the night. The fish stopped showing, yet they must have moved closer to him as the night brought fish of 32lb and 27lb. The next morning Darrell awoke to find the wind had swung round and was blowing into his face. With conditions looking good, it wasn’t long before he was in again. This time the battle raged for a good 45 minutes before Darrell even saw his opponent. Unbelievably, it was The Client, one of the best looking big fish around.
He scooped it up in his net and the job was done! Darrell told us what the fish meant to him, “I was over the moon, this was the one I really wanted and to catch it so soon after starting my campaign is amazing. I wasn’t lucky enough to land the Black Mirror, so this fish was the next best thing in my opinion. To be honest, I haven’t had chance to really enjoy the capture yet because it hasn’t sunk in!”

Darrell trapped the scaly beast using one of his trademark simple pop-up rigs. He set it up using Gravel Brown N-Trap Soft, attached to a size-8 Choddy hook and baited with a 12mm pink pop-up. His lead arrangement featured a Hybrid lead clip Dark Matter Rig Tubing and a 4oz Distance Casting lead.

Well done Pecky!