Darrell Gets Among the French Beasts!

Not content with hauling huge continental carp in Belgium last year, Darrell Peck has been at it again, this time on a vast French venue.

Having set his sights on catching from a huge, inland-sea-type water, Darrell put aside a good chunk of his autumn fishing to tackle the daunting prospect. Although it took him a little time to adapt, we were in no doubt that he’d eventually succeed. Braving mud and endless tench (and even the odd big roach!), Darrell battled on, fishing out of his comfort zone to bank a run of great fish, so far topped by a 57lb common.

Darrell used the new Wide Gape XX hooks, in size four, to tame the giants.

He also used another new release, the rugged SUBbraid in 15lb.

Once he located feeding carp he swung into action, using the new 15lb SUBbraid to great effect. He coupled that with 50lb XT Snag Leader, 10oz Grippa leads and his trademark simple braided rigs, made with 50lb Sinking Arm-Kord, new size-four Wide Gape XX hooks and double 25mm snowman hook baits.

Darrell bagged his run of fish over beds of Mainline Banoffee High Impact boilies. With a few more days of his trip left, we really wouldn’t be surprised if our man checked in with even more huge carp. Simply awe-inspiring! We’ll keep you up to date.