Darrell for Xmas!

What’s the best gift that you can give an angler this Christmas? Nope, it’s not a stocking full of ready-tied chods or even the long-awaited Krimp Tool! In fact, it’s Darrell Peck! Book up one of Darrell’s Kordatorial sessions for 2012 and give the most important gift that you possibly could. Whether the angler is experienced or a complete novice, we guarantee that they’ll come away from a session with Darrell having learned something that will improve their angling.
The list of new PBs that Darrell’s tutorials have been responsible for is truly staggering, and we’re still in the first year! However, even those who didn’t bank new bests will tell you that the session set them up to beat their PB all by themselves in future. Darrell can take clients through the intricacies of watercraft, rig tying, stalking, spodding or baiting with the stick – in fact, there’s practically nothing that he can’t help with.
All you need to do to book Darrell for the carp angler in your life (or a mate!) is ring Jon Mann on 01268 522 417. A ten-hour session will cost £180 and a 24-hour session costs £300.