Dan's Winter Campaign Kicks Off - Dan Bruton

Dan Bruton is never one to stop fishing once the winter has arrived. He usually plans out a winter campaign and this year is no exception. Of course, he’s been getting among them too!

“The past few weeks have seen temperatures take a real nosedive. I’ve always found that carp don’t like the sharp decline in water temperature. So, a few blank sessions are always expected during that period, but despite the lack of action through the last three weeks, I kept the bait going in with the hope that once things stabilised, some action would come my way.

For various reasons I’d begun to bait in a new area, that I really did fancy the look of. After two weeks of introducing Trent Baits SSD Pro 9 boilies, combined with matching pellet, I was rewarded with three fish on my first trip. The first few ended up being on the small side, but welcome all the same and a huge confidence boost. I chose to persevere with it, because it has already proved to be a good holding area for this time of the year. Finally, the bite I was waiting for arrived. Straight away I could tell that it was a better one. I peeled the mesh away and revealed a stunning winter scaly carp.

I baited when I left, knowing that I had two nights the following weeks at my disposal. Although I was buzzing with confidence, that all changed when I lost my only bite of the session on the first night. Then I didn’t receive so much as a single bleep for the rest of the trip, it was December after all! Again, I baited when I left to return the following week.

The weather was insane, pressure dropping, a big south westerly and 12 degrees, not your average December conditions. Within just a couple of hours, the left rod tore off at a rate of knots. I knew straight away it was a good fish, and after a short, but strong battle, a big, beautiful common drifted into the net. It turns out that, incredibly, this is only the 5th time this fish has ever seen a hook.

It’s always good to end the year on a high, with Christmas and New Year out the way, its time to start again for the year.”