Danny Fairbrass and friends - productive Parco winter social!

Korda boss Danny Fairbrass travelled to the famous Parco del Brenta, in Italy, for a social session, and he and his friends ended up catching some fantastic fish between them, including a few of the big commons that the lake is renowned for.

Danny was joined by Clive Gibbins, Andrew Gibbins and Steve French, and although the fishing wasn’t easy, they did manage to land 19 fish between them during the week, with the highlights including commons of 56lb 8oz and 53lb for Steve; mirrors of 53lb and 38lb for Andrew; and a 51lb mirror for Clive; plus several falling to Danny’s rods as well, including a cracking looking 33lb common.

The going method on this lake during the colder months is to just use PVA bags, but Clive – who has caught six fish in excess of 80lb from various waters in Europe – opted to stick it out in one swim for the duration of the trip.

Reporting on the session, Danny revealed: “After announcing ‘I don’t use PVA bags’, Clive proceeded to scatter some Mainline boilies over his spot and then fished either pop-ups or wafters on a spinner rig over the top, and caught fish of 48lb and 51lb.

“All round nice guy and extreme range specialist, Andrew Gibbins, fished in swim 10 – plus swim 1 and swim 20 from there! – and was firing solid bags so far that they were showing up on radar! He also managed to use more Goo in his PVA bags than Ali Hamidi, which is almost as impressive as the fish that he caught – with Garlic and Buttercorn being his two most successful flavours.

“Weed-cutting extraordinaire Steve French started off in swim 15 and his first ever Italian carp was a 56lb common, but then he moved after catching the same sturgeon twice. After moving to swim 12, his very next bite was from that very same sturgeon, which they ended up catching five times between them!

“Things turned around for Andrew when he had three fish to mid-30s in a morning, and then went on to catch six in total, including two 50s, and did the best out of everyone on the trip.

“A brilliant time was had by all, and every day we got together for great food and were really looked after by Antonio and his fantastic team there. It was tricky winter fishing, but the rewards were there,” Danny added.