Dan Ibbott banks his target fish at Yateley North Lake!

Working in Yateley Angling Centre means that Dan Ibbott has some fantastic fishing right on his doorstep, and he took full advantage of that to land this cracker!

The 21-year-old fished a two night session on the famous Yateley North Lake to tempt the big mirror known as Sally, and it turned out to be at her highest ever weight of 42lb.

Dan revealed: “I’d noted that the fish were very active and large numbers of them were moving from one end of the lake to the other, so I decided to plot up in a swim that was on the line they were travelling along, and then put out a big bed of bait in the hope of getting them to stop.

“There is a bar that runs down the centre of the lake in the main body of water and I wanted to fish to the near edge of it at about 80 yards, but I knew I needed a rig that would allow me to fish over the chod and silt that was there.

“In the end I settled on an old-school D-rig fished helicopter style with the lead on a rotten-bottom and a foot of leadcore, with 20lb SUB braid main line and an IQ2 leader. This was tied using a size 4 Kaptor Choddy hook to four inches of the original 20lb IQ as I wanted a short, stiff hook link and due to the type of bottom I opted for a balanced bottom bait.

“The reasoning behind the balanced bottom bait was that I was baiting quite a tight area and had put out around 4 kilos of a mix consisting of Sticky Baits Krill boilies and 4mm and 6mm pellets, all coated in Krill liquid, and with a small amount of hemp and chopped tiger nuts also added to it.

“There was a large amount of low-lying weed between me and the spot that I was fishing, but I still wanted to fish a slack line, so that is why I opted for the SUB braid and fluorocarbon leader.

“At around 5.30am the following morning I had a roaring take, with the fish stripping line at a fantastic speed, and I just managed to stop it before it made its way between two islands around 20 yards or so away from my spot.

“After that the fight was fairly uneventful and soon the most sought-after mirror in the lake was in my net, and it was also one of my target fish, at its highest ever weight.”