Dan Bruton finds success on a new water!

Spring is the perfect time to keep active and be proactive in finding your quarry, the fish are in great condition after the winter and there will be new opportunities every day, all over the lake.

After finding fish, Dan Bruton is always very quick to assess the situation he is faced with and will adapt his approach accordingly, here is a great example of how dropping a plan and reacting to what is in front of you can quickly provide great results.

Dan explained: “With the air temperatures forecast to spike at the weekend, I pulled some strings to ensure that I could be on the bank for twenty-four hours during the heat.

“Late last year I acquired a new ticket for a water located around fifty miles from home, that holds some cracking fish to upper thirties. I do have a ticket for another water where I will be focusing most of my time, but with only a short session at my disposal, I opted to drop onto the new syndicate.

“From talking to other anglers, I knew that zigs have great previous form on the lake in question, so this was to be my first line of attack against the Essex carp. Three rods were rigged up with seven-foot zigs tied with 11lb Zig Line and size 8 Mixa hooks, ready to be cast out should I see any activity.

“With the day heating up rapidly, I was tempted to blast the zigs to a central area and try find some shade to put my feet up in, but after having a quick word with myself, I slapped some sun-cream on and set off to try find where the fish were soaking up the spring rays. I looked for an hour or so before I noticed a crease on the surface of the water on the far margin, and after a few more minutes watching, I began to see a few other fish moving in the same area.

“I made my way to that bank and I could soon make out a group of ten black shapes around a rod length off the bank, ghosting over the margin shelf and the low-lying weed that sparsely covered the lakebed. I sat and watched for a while, enjoying the spring sunshine on my face and seeing the fish in the clear water of the margins before heading back to the van to grab the barrow.

“Upon my return the fish were still present, so I cut the zig off the rod, replaced it with a multi-rig and attached a Proper Carp Baits Black Seal corkball pop-up. I had soaked these in PCB Hemp Oil for two weeks, before treating them to a glugging of the matching Black Seal boilie dip.

“I waited until the coast was clear before lowering the rig onto the shelf and flicking a handful of broken boilies around the spot. I then clipped the bobbin on and crept to the back of the swim to sit in the shade of a tree. I could still make out dark shapes ghosting over the shelf, and within an hour the alarm signalled that a fish had made a mistake.

“I quickly lifted into a lively fish and the battle was short-lived but full of energy, as the carp was clearly fully charged by the spring sunshine. Everything held firm and I was soon peering down at a cracking upper-double mirror laying in the mesh of my net. It felt great to be off the mark for the year after what has been a frustrating start to the season.

“Upon inspection, the carp were still present, and with the rig back in place, things were looking good. The afternoon wore on with no more action, so I decided to top the spot up with around fifty baits before getting my head down for an early night.

“I was up at first light to see if the carp had moved off during the night and it wasn’t long before I saw one poke its nose out of the water over the spot I had caught from yesterday. Due to their previous form on the water, I wanted to get a zig out to a central area, so I popped one out and positioned the rod a little further down the bank. As I was setting the bobbin on this freshly cast rod, the other rod in the margin went into meltdown and I quickly lifted in to what felt a heavier fish.

“A long hard-fought battle ensued before I was able to bundle a chunky upper-20 mirror into the net. After the pictures were done and the carp returned safely, I sat for a few more hours and slowly packed a few things away before the day reached its hottest point. I had to be off at midday but I wasn’t too bothered, I would be driving home with a massive smile after bagging my first two fish from my new syndicate.”