Dan Bruton bags four fantastic carp on overnight sessions!

Keeping careful records of feeding spots at an Essex lake paid off for Dan Bruton and resulted in four fish, including two 30s, during a few overnight sessions!

Dan had hardly had a chance to spend any time on the bank since the birth of his daughter back in the summer, and had to endure hearing about all of his mates catching big carp during one of the mildest winters we’ve had in many years, but finally he was able to get out and have a go himself.

He revealed: “I decided that time spent watching her grow was far more important than fishing every week, so in all the amount of nights I’ve done can be counted on one hand!

“I’ve been pretty lucky when I’ve managed to get out though and managed to catch a fish on each of the last four overnighters that I’ve managed to do.

“I’d gone back to a lake in Essex where I’ve spent the last few winters and have come to know the lake quite well and where the fish like to be at certain times.

“I’ve logged all the info on my phone so I’m able to wrap the rods to the correct distance and make very little disturbance, maximizing my time on the bank.

“On my first night I had a 32lb 2oz common, which I was over the moon with as last year I’d been fishing a couple of very tough pits with very little action, so I was buzzing to just see a carp, let alone catch a thirty!

“The next session produced a gorgeous low 20 linear and this lake has a few perfect zips, three of which I’ve now been fortunate enough to catch.

“I managed to get back for another overnighter and had one of the fastest bites I’ve had. The rig can’t have been in the water for more than a couple of minutes and it whizzed off with a nice mid-twenty common as I was spombing!

“I’d planned a night with some good friends as a bit of a social and charity match to raise funds for Cancer Research. About an hour or two before I was due to leave I had a fast take from a spot I know very well and a corker of a January 30lb-plus mirror slipped into my net, and I was made up to catch another big winter carp.

“Let’s hope my luck continues for the rest of the year as I’ll be embarking on my second spring on a couple of incredibly difficult pits and last year I was lucky enough to catch a very special carp, so I’m praying I can get amongst a couple more.”

All of Dan’s fish came to Trent Baits Freshwater Shrimp boilies fished on multi-rigs constructed from 30lb N-Trap Soft and size 6 Choddy hooks, with 3oz square pear leads on Quick Release lead clips and Dark Matter tubing. He has been using Sub-Braid main line as he finds it better for accurately getting his rigs on his spots.