Dan Bags Murray!

Daniel Ibbott has had a sensational season and it looks like it is set to continue, having recently had the session of a lifetime, he explained;

“I fished towards a unfishable void of water between two islands where a lot of the stock spend most of their time. baiting heavily with 6kg of crumbed, chopped and whole "asp" 16mm baits heavily glugged in "asp" liquid food with 2 pints of maggots.

“I fished the two rods close together as the previous week I had 3 bites in a short period of time and I believed that this helped to put extra fish on the bank. Both rods where baited with asp matching wafters with a small bunch of maggots tipping off the hook bait.

“ Utalising 2ft of kable leadcore with the lead helicopter drop-off style with a rotten bottom korda leadcore no trace system, D rig with a small d with the rig 6 inches in length.

“The first night I baited heavily putting out three quarters of the mix with the view of topping up. After a blank night, I decided to re-position the rods and top up the spot with a few spombs of the mix to create fresh smell and attraction in the area.

“The following night there was a massive showing of fish in the void of water that is untouchable and that morning I received a very twitchy take with what I thought was a tench.

“After a heavy slow deep fight in the margins the jewel in the crown of the north lake appeared and I slid the net under my final target. at this point she hadn’t been out since a capture before spawning so we were all shocked when the scales spun round 53lb.

After a mad 2 seasons fishing on the lake totalling in 23 fish landed this season this was the final crowning glory and a fantastic way to finish my time on the lake. Currently the biggest fish in the yateley area.