Create Your Own Luck - Pete Castle

I hadn’t been fishing for about eight weeks or more. In fact, the last time I caught was Christmas Day and I hadn’t been out since that trip due to work and family commitments and, of course, the very bad weather.
Nonetheless, I finally got the opportunity to do a 24 hour session, but just as I was finishing loading the car I got a call saying that I needed to be at an important meeting in Peterborough early the following morning. I was a bit gutted but carried on with the trip as planned.
I finally got to the lake by mid-afternoon and after a good look around I settled on a swim in the middle of the lake, which controlled a lot of water. The weather was definitely on the up, but there hadn’t been a fish out for weeks so there was very little to go at.
The swim I chose covered a lot of water and the plan was to fish with single hook baits on chod rigs and cast at showing fish if anything moved. I’d been watching a nervous group of tufty ducks working the middle of the lake, but I couldn’t see them coming up with anything. Someone had obviously put some bait in a day or two before, but either the birds or, hopefully, some fish had cleared it up.
This particular lake is very deep and it goes down to over twenty feet out in the middle. The first cast went out in the general area where the ducks had been diving and, as I felt the lead down, I felt the line go across something: basically, the lead stopped falling and then started again suddenly, indicating that the line had just gone over a fish. I set the rod and as I turned to pick up my second rod the first bleeped into life. The indicator lifted slowly at first and then went back down. I thought for a moment that it was just a liner, but then it screamed into life.
After quite a hard fight I finally put the net under a cracking thirty only moments after casting out. I know that there was a lot of luck involved, but I created some of my own luck by getting out there and having a go even when I should have really been working.
Watching the birds obviously helped, but there really wasn’t anything else to go at. Nothing else happened throughout the night and I packed up early the following morning to go off to my meeting, but I left with that warm feeling that you get when you not only catch, but also when you really enjoy some precious time on the bank.

Good luck for your next session, Pete Castle