Craig continues his run of good form on Cranwells Lake!

Following a successful session on the Cranwells syndicate lake, Craig Runham couldn’t wait to return and was hoping for more of the same!

He certainly wasn’t left disappointed, as he arrived to find the lake quieter than he expected and ended up landing two fish – a cracking 29lb common along with a 23lb mirror – during a short session.

Craig explained: “I was itching at the bit to return and arrived the following Friday on a dull, grey, windy day, and was expecting the lake to be busy.

“The first swim I came to was occupied, but the next one, where I’d fished on my last session, was empty. Conditions felt poor for this part of the lake but I still felt that I could make a chance from there and left my gear in there.

“I carried on walking round and stopped to chat with another angler who had been on the water for a few days, and he had been seeing fish show in the middle of the lake, but that area was already stitched up. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a fish clear the water 400 yards away, and then it showed twice more during the next five minutes – it just so happened that it was in front of the swim where I’d left my kit!

“I hurried back round to my swim and baited my hinged soft rig with a pink Key Bait Solutions pop-up and cast it to where the fish had shown, and when I felt the lead down it landed with a very solid ‘donk’. I had put out my leftover bait at the end of the previous session, and the spot had clearly been fed on since then.

“I slackened off and clipped the bobbin on, and then started to get my second rod ready to cast out, but as I was tying a bait on the first rod let out a series of bleeps. I looked out from under the brolly and could see the tip pulling round.

“When I picked the rod up I felt a head shake and thought it was a tench, so I pulled a bit harder as I didn’t want to spook any other fish in the area, but as it neared the shallow margins a large tail hit the surface and I eased off as it definitely wasn’t a tench!

“I was praying that the size 6 Choddy would stay in as I had played it far harder at the start of the fight than I normally would have done, had I realized that it was a carp. But as it came over the shallows it suddenly woke up, sending a spray of water into the air, and I could see a decent size common trying to rid itself of the hook, but after a few last attempts to free itself, I was able to net it and could see that it was close to 30lb.

“I couldn’t believe my luck as the rod had only been out for a couple of minutes, and after getting my tripod ready I had a big grin on my face as I weighed it at a few ounces over 29lb and did a few self-takes.

“Having had some action so quickly I felt that there was more to come, but I had to wait until 10am the next morning for my next bite, from a beautifully coloured 23lb mirror. I’d still had a great result though as they were the only fish caught whilst I was on the lake.”