Couple Quit Their Jobs... to Fish Full Time! Part Four

We forgot all the troubles and were in a delirious state, with only carp on our minds. There were no more thoughts about the car, rodents or the wind that tried to blow us away, and we had plenty of action. After every beep we expected another one-toner. As a result, I ended up with tunnel-vision, only a huge carp would do. In the light at the end of the tunnel I could see an enormous carp. The anxiety increased with every run. Is it a big one? Right after netting a carp already the focus was already on the next one. Once the fish was netted, I’d turn on the echosounder, make a new rig, changing the rig, bait and put the rod on the spot before rowing back with a carp hanging in the net outside the boat like a sack of cement. Once back at the shore I’d put the rod on the Delkim and then photograph the carp – not a moment was wasted. Hopefully the phase of activity would last a bit longer. Hopefully, the real whacker would bite. We were averaging two runs a day, so the big one could not be far away. The entire mind was solely focused on HIM. Smaller carp meant only that the rod was no longer active and that HE could not bite. The tunnel became narrower and narrower. How could I free my mind again? I couldn’t get satisfaction. It was time to practice the art of waiting. It was mostly during unexpected moments like during lunch, while washing or deeply relaxing in the warming sun when the lake thrust another jewel into our net (although not the fist-sized diamond).

Thank god that the sun was already strong in the South of France. It was really necessary to warm our frozen limbs. The contrast was still extreme though, as days went from freezing conditions and thermal suits into shorts within minutes, mostly after breakfast. I was really sick of the ice-cold hands from rowing out the rods in the very early morning. Because of the night fishing ban the alarm rang at five every morning. It took me well over an hour to position the rods and all with wet hands, no gloves and a layer of frost on everything. The pain lasted until after lunch. But it was worth it; the first run was often at 7am. The carp couldn’t resist the 18mm cream boilies presented as bottom bait on the shallow spots.

While I write these sentences we have just had the nineteenth run in twelve days. A thin mirror carp with golden-coloured scales, like orange slices, found the boilies in 12ft of water. That was enough, it was time to move on. We planned to travel for one week and visit interesting places, maybe casting in a rod from time to time. Stephane will finalize the work on the car tomorrow afternoon. Daniel is back in Germany and with him the broken gearbox that will be picked up in exchange for the new gearbox that is now installed in my car. This hopefully means the end of the car problems!

So long,

Alex and Caroline