Couple Quit Their Jobs... to Fish Full Time!

How’s this for a Valtentines Day story to warm the heart of every carper? Team Korda Germany’s Alexander Kobler and his girlfriend Caroline did what many anglers dream of, they quit their jobs, sold up and headed of to southern France. Their plan… to go fishing! Maybe for a couple of months, maybe for years! In this column Alex reports about the couple’s epic journey.

“Well, now I am a week into the session and where to begin? A couple of things made it a difficult start. First, we had to pay a fine of 90 Euros for not wearing seat belts. OK, our fault. Then the fifth gear of my bus conked out. The garage nearest to where we are fishing now is still 12 kilometres away! I had to run there a couple of times and still nothing is fixed! It’s no fun to drive 80km per hour behind the trucks on a 1000-kilometre trip! OK, did I mention the mouse already? It has been around in the bus for a week now and gnawed through some of our vitally important foods… it especially liked the waffles and I was so looking forward to eating them… oh well, sh*t happens.

The swim we moved into on the first lake of our trip, the mighty Salagou, in southern France, was in shadow all day and the winds were fierce. Two days ago the mistral storm stopped, giving us the chance to move and a it turned out to be a good decision, as now we were now facing the sun and the first fish of our journey came along! We’d only had two little common carp before yesterday, but last night I hooked into four better fish. I’ll show you those next week; let’s see if something really exceptional comes along during the next few days. Cross your fingers for us!

I’ll have to clean the chaos in our new apartment, the monstrous Trakker Colossus bivvy now. And then redo the rods again. We’ve got six in the game right now, two on top of a lightly baited area in deeper water and four spread around and fished next to the weed beds with bright pop-ups and tiger nuts.

Greetings from the sunny south,

Alex and Caroline."