Couple Quit Their Jobs… To Fish Full Time! Part Six

After two unsuccessful nights fishing in the swim where we’d previously lost the giant, we decided to move towards the shallower water. With good reason too, as the water temperature had risen to 15 degrees Celsius! This time, I placed the rods a bit further from the shore, as it was extremely shallow. Caroline however, didn’t want to quit fishing close into the margins just yet. She put the rod only 10ft from the bank just next to a huge rock. After just a few hours, the first bream was on. In the dark, Caroline then placed the rod back on the spot. It was this rod that fired off again, shortly before dawn. The fish took line very fast and crossed the rod lying close to it. Caroline decided that I should take the rod and get the fish into the net. The result was a very big, old mirror weighing 50lb.

We really had a great time with Stephane, Celine, Julien and Christopher, who came from Germany to fish a long weekend with us. The cherry on the cake came when I was able to record Christopher stalking some carp close to a bridge. In the pouring rain I saw him from the opposite bank leaving with some tackle. I put one and one together, knowing Christopher’s love for stalking, grabbed my cameras, video gear and an umbrella and went searching for him. I found him and it didn’t take long to see his target. It was an absolutely perfect koi carp in the upper-twenties, which stood out like a sore thumb. It was pure adrenaline for both of us, him waiting for a run, me working with two cameras with my umbrella in the hand. The rain was awful; luckily I didn’t have to wait long for the first fish, a nice chub. Then he managed to catch a massive mirror, which was just off the magical 40lb mark. The koi however, became suspicious and Chris didn’t manage to catch it within the phase of activity in the morning. It was only the next day however, during a massive storm, when Chris caught the Koi! Certainly one of the most beautiful carp I have ever seen! We really could celebrate this fish together, as Caroline and I caught another mirror of 50lb at the same time.

The wind became stronger and stronger. Christopher’s umbrella, bedchair, sleeping bag and some other tackle suddenly sprouted wings, which resulted in them landing in the lake. So, he fished his last night from our van. The wind came from the mountains and was ice-cold; the water temperature dropped rapidly and the fish activity stopped. The moment seemed perfect to end the session at this beautiful venue. We had a great time, made new friends and caught a total of seven carp with just one below 33lb. In Germany we say that one must end celebrating when the feast has its peak.

We are now sitting on a terrace of a very lively café at the foot of the Pyrenees. We just ate a superb meal and drank way too much coffee. We don’t know really know where to go next. Who cares? We have now neglected the fear to which end this leads. Where will we live? What will we do for work? We almost look like vagabonds, but we don’t care. I still hear the calming voice of Stephane, “No stress Alex, c’est des vacances (it’s the holidays!)”

Where to next? Spain is certainly one for the near future. Maybe before we should try out another lake in France before, who knows… On va voir.


Caroline et Alex