Couple Quit Their Jobs… To Fish Full Time! Part Five

The love for the van has well and truly come back; we clocked 994 kilometres after the gearbox exchange. We toured for one week and slept seven nights on the bed in the Volkswagen T5. Once more, we had to admit that a good mattress is better than the best bedchair on the market.

We started the next session on the lake where we had lost the big one the previous week. On the first morning the rod ripped off once more, from exactly the same spot. After a long, hard, dogged battle, a well-earned common carp was finally sat at the bottom of my net, weighing in at 33lb. That was like balm for the wounded soul. A very special fish, as the locals were aware of only one other common this size. Carp anglers who had caught several hundred carp had never seen a single common carp! After the short but intensive play with the immaculate common, I could make peace with the lake. The moment seemed perfect and we decided to pack away the fishing tackle for one week.

At that point, we had a nearly empty car and the option to park the car somewhere without constant fear that all would be gone on our return from a day trip. The time had come for some tourism! We rode along the Cote d’Azur, slept at the seaside, even jumped once into the sea and visited the famous cities. The cities, however, were not what we expected. Maybe this was because we were no longer used to the speed and ‘bling bling’ of the urban life. For example, on Thursday evening we needed more than an hour to find a parking spot. All the car parks were limited to 1.90m, too low for us. After seemingly hundreds of traffic lights, we finally found a spot in a strange side road. We parked in front of some sort of Pizza snack bar, where we purchased two Pizzas and some Kronenburgs through a window. While eating in the car, we could observe what was going on in the street. It seemed that at the right of the Pizza snack there was a drug dealer house with people going in and out. Others were desperately waiting in front of it and watching the windows like hungry dogs waiting for something to eat that falls from dinner table. The traffic through this street was very fast and the house walls covered in dusty grey. We left Nice immediately, without a second thought. It felt like release to be outside this ocean of red lights. We flew into the mountains and slept close to a small river.

During the following days we visited beautiful villages like St. Paul de Vence, climbed chalk stone mountains covered with pine tree forests and went to an absolutely amazing lake. The higher we went, the better we felt. The weather was mind-blowing. During the entire week we saw not a single drop of rain and the temperatures climbed above 20 degrees Celsius.

The nights are getting warmer. Water temperature is rising fast and carp activity is increasing. It is about time to get again on track with fishing! We headed to the spot where we had caught the special common. Maybe his bigger friends might come along this time to taste the cream boilies. I would love to see the lost giant in my net! Today, the tackle has to be sorted and put back into the van. The weather forecast promises 24 degrees Celsius during the day and ten in the night! Water temperature should be around 14 degrees. Springtime will now also start under the water surface. Best circumstances for great early season catches! I can't wait to put the rod close to this massive rock where the last two runs have come from.

We wish you wonderful springtime fishing!

Alex and Caroline