Continued Success...Ian Bailey

What can I say about this year it really is turning into a rollercoaster ride with recent successes - I just can’t believe how well it’s going. I left you last time as I was on my way up to Cambridge for my first trip of the year in search of my last target mirror. On arriving, I noticed the water clarity to be very poor and thick surface weed covering most areas of the main body of water.
Standing on the board swim with a fresh south westerly in my face I couldn’t help but think this was the place to be for my next three nights. With the clouds rolling in and the threat of rain I got to work getting my rods out for the first night.
Placing my rods on known areas that have produced for me in the past I rigged up my rods with running 3oz Flatliner Pears complete with two foot of leadcore attached to my main line - being the new 20lb Subline in brown. Snowman Cell hook baits with new Wide Gape 6 Kaptors blow back style looked deadly and I was confident this would produce a fish or hopefully two.
I normally fish just boilies but added a spod mix into my session consisting of good old hemp and mixed particles from Bait-Tech, along with a few tigers chucked in for good measure. Once settled I sat back and relaxed with a big grin knowing something had to happen with the weather so cock on. Later that evening, just getting off the phone to my mate Nick I had a screamer on my right hand rod and on picking into the fish it was angry and not happy at all with me. After taking me on a merry dance I had my prize in the net. It was a meeting of an old friend at a spawned out weight of 32lb+.
Not wanting to put the old common under more ordeal, I slipped her back to fight another day. Getting the rod back out I was still confident of more action for the trip. The hook hold was fantastic and was never coming out - with the situations I had to endure during the battle the Kaptor done its job perfectly. Over the next two mornings I received further action at almost 6 o’clock on the dot every time from the same spot to the right of the swim. Two mirrors of 27lb+ and Alan Taylor’s 40 spawned out at 31lb+ was pleasing, with the spot turning from the size of a nix mat to the size of a 60inch brolly since they had smashed it to bits. Still the hunt continues for the last mirror, so fingers crossed.

Next trip I was off to the Colne Valley in hope of more gold. With reports of plenty of action to the rest of the syndicate after recent spawning I was itching to go. On arrival, I opted to have a good look around and with most of the lake empty I had a good selection of swims to go at. Three hours later I settled from where I had finished last trip and with a couple of subtle shows it had to be the one. Usual tactics consisting of my favourite naked choddy set up complete with a size 8 Choddy and 20lb Mouth trap finished it perfectly. These were coupled with a black Cell cork ball pop-up and 30 baits were scattered in the area. The pop-ups were soaked in sunflower oil and rock salt for a little extra edge.
Morning came and I was up at first light to put the kettle on.
The fish started to put on an aerial display and with them bubbling and showing out in the middle of the lake, they truly were turned on by naturals in the silt. After most of the morning trying different tactics it was truly evident that they didn’t want an angler’s bait. I just had to move because they seemed stacked up at the top end.
Loading the barrow after a trip back to the car for some supplies, I was fresh back in my new chosen swim. Rods were quickly rigged up with fresh rigs and bait and each landed with satisfying donks. I put a little more bait in than usual and it really did look good for it. My two friends joined me for a social with Dave collecting a take away on the way. After a cold cider we enjoyed ourselves munching on some much needed grub. With the social dying down we retired for the night and I got my head down tired from the early start. Around midnight I had a few liners that stirred me from my sleep. As I was slowly drifting back to sleep I had a steady take on my right hand rod and instantly the fish got into some Canadian pondweed. I began applying the pressure and eventually I got the fish moving and it was in the net before she had a chance to get in anymore. Weighing in at 30lb 6oz, I was well happy. She was clearly empty from previous spawning so I got a few snaps and returned her. Recasting the rod back to the spot and a further 50 baits I was confident of another bite. The fish were going crazy in the area all night keeping me awake. I had to wait until first light when I had another on the same rod – this time the result being a stocky. Later that morning after starting to look at a pack down, happy with my results, I had another bite on the same rod resulting in the lakes big mirror down in weight at 33lb. Chuffed to bits the fish is a real must have for your album and as you can see from the pictures a real character of a carp. Until next time tight lines folks.

Ian (Tel) Bailey