Completing the Jigsaw - Jimmy Hibbard

I’ve recently been down back down to my syndicate lake and after a few blanks I finally sussed out their location. The swim I was fishing was pretty weedy, but at 45 yards there was a 5ft-wide silt channel between two weed beds that screamed carp.
I put all three rods in the channel, spread 4ft apart. I used the new COG system in conjunction a hinged stiff rig. I was fishing fairly tight lines, so once the cog had done its job, and given me a secure hook hold, the lead would be dropped and the fish should come up over the weed.
The plan began well, as I landed an upper-double in the night and the action continued from there. I landed another six fish, with four over the 20lb mark including one of the original commons and an impressive fully scaled. The COG system proved itself first time out, doing exactly what it was supposed to do.
The next session was a week later and I jumped straight back into the same swim as the previous week. I had been calling in on my way home from work and kept trickling a little bit of bait in onto the spot. I wrapped two rods round the distance sticks to the correct amount of wraps (fourteen), then put them back on the channel between the two weed beds. I put three extra wraps on the third rod and had a bit of a lead around to the right, moving up the channel towards where it ended. After on the fourth cast the lead went down with a good thud spot on the seventeen-wrap spot I'd clipped up to. The weed was thick next to the clear spot but I knew from the previous session that the COG wouldn't fail me, nailing that hook home. I spread a good 3kg of boilie down the channel and got my head down for an early night as I was worn out from a busy day at work.
I woke up just as the sun started to rise, sitting there with a brew, hoping the one of the rods would break the morning’s silence but it didn't. After a few hours of watching and waiting, nothing had happened so I jumped back into the bag and was about to have another hour’s kip, but just as I closed my eyes I had a take. I dived out of the bag, picked the rod up and made sure I got the fish over the intense weed out in front of me before slipping the waders on and netting the first fish of the session; a stunning upper-double.
I slipped it back, tied another rig and got it back on the spot followed by a spread of 50 baits fired over the area with the catapult. The rod wasn't out long before I received another take resulting in another upper double. Repeating the process, I got the rod back on the spot and baited it. I found getting the rod back out onto the spot as quickly as I could helped pick more fish up the previous week. Feeding times seemed short and I felt sure that there’d be more than just one or two fish over the spots.
I'd just slipped the last fish back home and popped the stove on, as I was starving and was I need of some brekkie. Halfway through cooking my bacon the middle rod let out one bleep and the line pulled a little tighter but nothing else happened. A few moments later it pulled tight and a slow take registered on the alarm. I lifted into a solid resistance and held the rod up high and to keep the tension in the line before slowly beginning to move the fish, which felt bigger than the last two; plodding about on the surface. I was glad the lead had dropped because now the fish was over the weed. I played the fish under the rod tip where it was giving me one hell of a battle, trimming left and right down each margin and as I caught a glimpse of if I knew which fish it was and my legs went to jelly. Pulling the waders up my legs, I waded out with the net to collect my prize. After the second attempt it went safely over the net chord. Peering into the net, there laid one of the oldest residents of the lake, Blind Eye. I was chuffed to bits. For the record, Blind Eye went 27lb 8oz, not the biggest but older and wiser than me.
The action didn't stop there because, just as I was reeling the rods in and heading off home, I had another take, this time resulting in a stocky common. This was my last session down the lake for a while, it’s not long now until my daughter’s due and this a nice way to finish my time on the Mesters Syndicate.