Colossal Common Caught - Jens Berntsen

After the Gigantica Trip in August I was so confident and started fishing a new water. It was a water with unknown potential for carp fishing. My very busy job at Korda allowed me only to fish the weekends.
So, I only had two nights to find the fish every week. The only way was to spend a lot of time in location and baiting up interesting areas.
After four weeks and a lot of moving, I got the first result - a 10kg Common. It was a little sign and I started to fish this area only. Every two days I baited up with one kilo of Mainline Cell and it worked. Every session I got one or two fish up to 18Kg.
For some nice social fishing I invited my good friend Arjan Braad (Korda Netherlands) to my secret lake. After a nice evening with a lot of laughing we went to bed very late. Arjan set up 100 meteres away in a small bay.
At 6am I had a full-blooded run on my left-hand rod. After 15 minutes fighting the fish, I still didn’t see him and I tried to wake up Arjan but he was to far away to hear anything. With the rod in my hand, I walked back to the brolly and called him on his mobile.
In a new record time he was there and helped me to net the fish. We weighed him at 64lbs; what a beast! What a great feeling to catch a fish like this with the helping hand of a good friend - thank you mate!

PS: The winning rig, was the same I used on Gigantica!
A Size 6 Kaptor Wide Gape in Weed, 25 lb Kryston Snake Bite, Clear Safe Zone Leader with a Hybrid Lead Clip and a 4oz lead. Bait was a 20mm Cell Boilie tipped with a 10mm Tutti Popup.