Clive Banks The Brown Fish! - Clive Gibbins

Long-time Korda sales rep Clive Gibbins banked his third eighty-plus carp in two years after landing the huge Brown Fish from the renowned La Graviers venue in Dijon, France.

Clive banked the huge mirror, which slammed the scales round to 82lb 9oz, three days into a weeklong session. The massive mirror was Clive’s fourth fish and he ended the trip with a total of nine, which also included two twenties, three mid-thirties and three forties.

Clive explained how the session unfolded, “We got lucky in the draw because the spin of the coin favoured us and we got The Point swim. There were plenty of fish in the swim and I actually three margins to choose from, directly to the left, 45 degrees to the left and straight across to the far bank. Each of these spots got a bait, as did an open-water spot at 80 to 90 yards, which I baited with a throwing stick. My first two came from the open-water spot, so I stuck at it and the big girl soon followed. The successful spot was firm, with a light layer of silt over the top. When it came, the big ‘un weeded me up and I needed to take to the boat to land it. It was an awesome experience – I wanted a big mirror to go along with my Saussaie common, and that’s why we were at Graviers in the first place.”

Clive’s successful rig comprised 15lb N-Trap, tied to a size-6 Kaptor Wide Gape, in KD style. He used 15lb SUBline main line, Dark Matter tungsten tubing and a simple lead clip to tame the beast, which picked up a single 18mm Nutrabaits Blue Oyster boilie that Clive meshed to help toughen it against the attentions of smaller species.

Clive has already planned his return trip for this November and who’d bank against him banking the Scarred Mirror?