Clive banks fourth 80-pounder!

Long-serving Korda sales rep Clive Gibbins has banked an amazing common weighing 80lb 2oz from French big fish venue Etang du Bois.

The giant common – Clive’s fourth carp over 80lb - was caught from big fish water Etang du Bois, which is situated in the Champagne-Ardenne region to the East of Paris.

Recounting the capture from the beginning, Clive told us: “Du Bois is around six acres with around 100 carp which average 48lb. It's a lovely tree-lined lake and a lot of the fishing is to marginal spots and close to weed beds. Four of us had the lake to ourselves and managed ten fish between us for the week.

“I fished the point swim which gave me a fair chunk of water and options. The fish were predictably tricky and would move out of areas as soon as they knew they were being fished for! Picking spots and leaving baits out for long periods seemed to be the order of the day, to intercept the fish rather than chasing and spooking them.

“That said, the big common fell to a totally different approach. Other than a couple of very bizarre incidents involving roach and pike, I hadn't had any chances. On the Thursday afternoon several fish started to fizz in my swim no more than about 20 yards out in around 6 ft of open water.

“Now, whenever this happens casting at them usually puts an immediate end to this kind of behavior and sends them scurrying out of the area at high speed, but thankfully my angling pal insisted (to the point of almost reeling one of my rods in for me!) that we should give it a shot.

“So my 3oz lead was replaced with a 1.5oz, a 14mm wafter was put on the hair and topped with a piece of yellow plastic pop-up corn. With a shot directly under both baits, it sat perfectly and, with a tiny mesh bag of pellets attached, was cast out into the zone.

"After only 15 mins or so the bite came and produced my first fish of the week in the shape of the biggest fish in the lake (the big common) - happy days!

"The other tactic did produce a second fish - a 54lb 8oz common. This was taken on a bait (two pieces of maize topped with banoffe pop-up maize) that had been out for 36 hours," added Clive.

Both fish were caught on rigs tied KD-style on 15lb N-Trap Soft to a size 8 Kaptor Kurv hook. This was attached to a Hybrid lead clip and around 12 inches of Dark Matter tubing. Mainline was 12lb Touchdown.

“Congratulations, but it doesn’t come as a shock to me – in true Clive style he’s come away with the big ‘un yet again,” said Korda’s Damian Clarke, captor of numerous big European carp himself.

Gary Johnson, the owner of Etang du Bois, said: “It’s just short of the lake record, which is held by the same fish at 85lb. It’s a pretty elusive fish so it’s a great capture by Clive.”

As well as Clive’s big common, the lake boasts two more carp over the 70lb mark, around 30 different 50-pounders, nearly 50 different 40s plus grass carp to over 71lb.

The venue, whose name translates as ‘Lake in the Woods’, stocks Mainline baits with Hybrid and Cell available amongst a wide selection of particles and pellets for customers to purchase.

Their website www.etangdubois.com contains booking information and further pictures of the lake’s stock.

Clive is no stranger to big European carp, having banked The Brown Fish from Graviers in July 2012 at 82lb 9oz and the Saussaie common at 83lb 4oz and 88lb. He also added a 72-pounder and 79lb 12oz sample to his tally at Telliats last year.