Clanger Knocked Out - Warren Fenn

Back in July 2012, I joined Silvermere Golf Course Lake, in the hope of catching the last of the originals that resided in there. It’s a lake steeped in history, with the likes of Terry Hearn and Alan Welch gracing it’s banks.

Silvermere is a shallow, silty mere, which is roughly seven acres in size, with depths of around 4-5ft at its deepest. It has a low stock of around 20 or so carp, but inhabits hundreds of bream, which cause problems daily. Over the last 10 years Silvermere has suffered two devastating fish kills, which has left a huge dent in the lake, with the passing of two of the three famous biggies White Scale and Polo. This left one big ’un, which has since become the queen of the lake ‘Clanger’. Clanger has always been known to be the trickiest carp to catch in Silvermere and earned this reputation by avoiding capture for three seasons straight at one stage. With many anglers leaving the lake empty handed or giving up without capturing her, this really is a wise old carp.

My two-year quest finally came to an end on Tuesday morning, when I managed to catch Clanger. After losing her through the summer, it was bittersweet to fool this tricky beast in the colder months of the year. Clanger came from a spot I’d spent a lot of time pre-baiting throughout the summer and autumn, around 80-yards range from a swim called the Lonely. I feel that was the key to my success, dripping in bait into certain areas will in time condition the carp to feed confidently.

On the scales Clanger went 43lb 8oz, which is also a PB, but in all honesty, the weight hasn’t really sunk in yet. It was the last morning of my 48-hour session when Clanger slipped up, I actually stayed a few hours extra that morning, as the weather looked spot on for a bite, and I was proved right. I must also note that at the beginning of the session, I also had a 22lb 8oz stockie from the same area.

Tactics-wise, like I’ve already mentioned, Silvermere is incredibly silty being a mere. So, with that in mind, I opted to fish helicopter setup, with a light pear lead to hopefully prevent the rig from burying itself out of sight. Down to the business end, both for my freebies and hook baits, I have great faith in Mainline’s Hybrid boilies, they really have done the business for me this season.

I opted to fish an IQ2 hook link on a helicopter rig, with a balanced snowman presentation which will reset its self every time. Plus, with the clear water and IQ being a fluorocarbon, it will lay flush to the bottom and be virtually invisible. Finally, my hook of choice is one of the forgotten hooks in the range, but one I have great confidence in, the Longshank X.

Having caught all the remaining originals that are left in Silvermere, I can finally lay this chapter to rest and concentrate the last few weeks of the season back on Cotton Farm, for my last target from the venue, The Big Lin.