Churchwood Fishery is in the spotlight this week!

Churchwood Fisheries is in focus for this week’s Fishery Spotlight slot, and is also the venue of tonight’s The Big Fish Off.

The hit ITV4 series visited this popular Essex day ticket venue, with presenters Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey teaming up with guests Sally Gunnell and Anna ‘AK’ Kelle as they take on some monster catfish. See how the teams get on tonight by watching the fourth episode of The Big Fish Off 2 at 8pm on ITV4.

The Catfish Lake is only an acre in size but is set in ancient bluebell woodland and the lake can be booked for two anglers, with a single spacious swim on it which also has a lodge. Despite it’s small size, the lake has a variety of depths and features and is well stocked cats to over 60lb, including a good head of fish in the 30-50lb bracket.

This mature three lake fishery also has two lakes on site which will appeal to carp anglers, with Churchwood Lake the largest at 2.5 acres and suitable for up to six anglers.

Currently the fish run to over 30lb, with a good head of 20s and loads of upper doubles, and many of the fish are growing fast, with one of the known mirrors, Chucky, now weighing over 28lb despite only having been stocked at 18lb a couple of years back.

One of the banks is ‘no fishing’ and many of the fish get caught by fishing across tight to this tree-lined margin, plus you’re allowed to walk round to bait up as long as you don’t interfere with the fauna.

There is also a rowing boat that can be used to find areas and place hookbaits – plus to retrieve snagged rigs, as pulling for a break from the bank is against the rules.

Most conventional carp rigs work, with the Korda lads who fish there having done well on rigs incorporating Krank hooks with wafter hookbaits. The lake also holds good fish of other species, including perch to over 4lb, plus big tench, bream, crucians, roach and rudd.

Jenkins Lake may only be an acre in size but is home to several fish around the 30lb mark, plus a fair head of 20s and upper doubles.

Like on Churchwood Lake, fishing is from one bank and the far margins produce a lot of the action, plus you can also use the rowing boat on this lake, although many prefer a bait boat instead.

The rules are sensible – although bear in mind fixed leads are banned so no helicopter or chod set-ups are allowed – and landing nets, mats and slings are provided, which must be used rather than your own equipment.

Tickets cost £15 for each 12 hour period for a maximum of two rods, or you can book the whole lake, and for full details, go to: http://www.churchwoodfisheries.co.uk