Christchurch unlocked- Baz Lloyd

Baz Lloyd has been in form recently, whilst fishing the heavily-pressured Christchurch Lake, part of the Linch Hill complex. Like his brother Scott, he has been getting amongst some of the stunning carp that swim in this picturesque lake.

“With Christchurch and Willow recently turning day ticket, this year the two lakes have completely changed, due to angling pressure. During previous years it’s been a syndicate, and a busy one at that. The reason it has changed so much is down to the fact that each person is starting fresh when they arrive, having no previous knowledge of the lake. Because of this, they are finding new spots, different baits are being introduced all the time and it seems that no one is getting anything established. This is why myself, and a few others, have been regularly introducing the same bait. Hopefully this will result in the fish becoming used to a good quality bait, whilst boosting their confidence, in our chosen boilie, The Krill.

We have had all of our success using this bait, however we have all been fishing applying it in a slightly different form. Rather than just putting whole boilies in, we have been pre-soaking a bucket full of lake water and then mushing it all up once the bait has softened. This creates a sloppy mix, but contains just boilie. I do leave some whole baits in with the ‘crumb’ but just so that the carp have some more wholesome food items to pick out.

When it comes down to the business end, I have opted to fish with my ever-faithful snowman presentation. This consists of a 16mm Krill bottom bait, topped with a 12mm White Chocolate pop-up. This is perfectly balanced alongside a size 6 Wide Gape.

When I turned up to the lake for this trip, Scott, my brother, and myself were shocked that the ‘in form’ swim was free. With the fish held up around this area we both wanted to get in there, in turn, we flipped a coin to see which one of us would become the lucky occupant of the swim. Fortunately, I won, and jumped into the swim, known as The Plate.

I put all three rods out onto the known spots, these had constantly been producing the goods so I felt sure of action. My first morning produced a brace of beautiful, scaly, twenty-pound mirrors. I thought I came well prepared with 5kg of bait for a two night session, however catching two fish early in the trip, I was worried about running out. After the early morning action, I introduced some more bait into the swim. That night the bites came thick and fast. I managed a hard-fighting, scale perfect, 21lb common. This fish was followed shortly after by a 26lb mirror, which came just as the sun rose at dawn. I spodded a bit more bait out there to keep them interested and was rewarded with a cracking fish known as Four Scales a little while later, at 33lb 4oz.

Autumn has well and truly arrived and with nights drawing in and temperature’s dropping, I’m hoping the action carries on going into the dreaded winter.”

Baz Lloyd.