Christchurch Crackers - Scott Lloyd

Scott Lloyd is still getting among the big fish down at the Linch Hill complex, along with his brother, Baz. His latest run of captures really demonstrates just how effective his tactics are proving down there.

Scott told us, “I’ve been doing a fair bit of fishing over on the superb Linch Hill complex, predominantly Christchurch Lake. I turned up Monday morning to find the lake relatively busy, but the swim I wanted to be in was unoccupied. I let my brother Baz go in there though, as I fancied an area that does not normally get fished.”
Turning his attentions to finding a spot, Scott located a clean area around 60 yards out and proceeded to introduce 2kg of chopped and crumbed Krill over the top. He really places a great deal of importance on bait choice as he explained, “This bait from Sticky had worked wonders on this lake so far and I’m sure they now actively try and search it out.”

Once he’d found and baited the spot, Scott settled down for the night full of confidence. He didn’t have long to wait, as Scott explained. “That night I was woken up at around 1am by an absolute screamer. After a slow and sluggish fight, I slipped the net under a mirror of 35lb 14oz. Once the pics were done, I cast my little matching wafter hook bait back to the spot. When I woke in the morning I could see the fish showing in front of a swim known as the End Trees. Having already logged the spot, I packed my gear away and moved in there.

Both rods went out on Krill wafters balancing a size-six Wide Gape and I put around a kilo of my mix over the top. I had to wait until the following morning to get a bite but it was well worth the wait. It was one of the lakes fully scaled mirrors and weighed 29lb 8oz.

I sat back, content with my move and kept a lookout for any fish sightings. I saw one and thankfully it was bang on my spot. Only a few minutes passed before I received another take, this time with a bit of weight behind it. After a short and sharp battle, I had landed one of the lakes big commons. It weighed 39lb 4oz and to my amazement, I didn’t even recognise it as one of the big ’uns, which just goes to show how impressive this stock is.”