Chris Belcher enjoys a special days fishing, catching 10 fish from a tricky local pit.

With a mild weather front pushing in, Chris Belcher decided to book a day’s annual leave to make the most of the favourable weather. The day before his session, he pre-baited two open water spots with a kilo of Cell on each. This was an area Chris thought the carp would be held up in and also an area he would be able to fish from various swims around the lake, just in case it was busy.

The following morning, Chris arrived to an empty lake at dawn and upon setting up, he saw a good fish shuffle out of the water three times, exactly where he had baited. With increased confidence, Chris deployed his ever-faithful spinner set up in the rings of the show. Within seconds of clipping the bobbin on, the rod was away, and a long ponderous battle commenced. Fifteen minutes later, Chris had his prize in the net, a pristine mirror of 34lb 14oz, one of the lake’s largest residents and a superb start.

A fresh hook was quickly attached, and the rig was flicked back to the zone, with a light scattering of 15mm Cell over the top. Within twenty minutes, Chris had had a further two fish, both commons of 15lb and 19lb.

Not long had he photographed these fish, when the other spot came alive and in the next 90 minutes, Chris took fish of 34lb 11oz, 18lb 10oz, 26lb 2oz and 28lb 10oz, a cracking stamp of fish for the lake and unbelievably, until this session, the lake had only done another two bites all winter!

Throughout the day, the action was slightly less intense, but Chris caught fish of 18lb 8oz, 25lb 14oz and 27lb through the afternoon, ending his session with an incredible 10 fish – not a bad day’s work in February!

Chris used his favoured running leads, set up with 1oz Square Pears and a Shock Bead, with a small piece of putty set 6-inches up his line. Chris used a combination of two rigs, a simple spinner rig set up with size 6 Kranks and 6-inch boom sections made from 15lb IQ2. Chris’ other rig was a simple snowman presentation, incorporating 5-inches of 18lb Supernatural, with a knotless knot and a size 6 Krank, with a Medium Kicker closing the hook, creating a more aggressive angle for hooking capabilities. An 18mm Cell bottom bait, topped with a trimmed 15mm pop up was held down with a small shot on the hair.

Chris proved perfectly, that even on a day session in the winter, there can be intense feeding spells and if you time your sessions right, they can be even more prolific than summer fishing! Chris applied simple rigs and a simple baiting strategy to great effect, as he has done so often through the years – Well done Chris!