Choose the right profile picture to land your greatest catch!

Fishing often isn’t exactly viewed as the most glamorous sport by non-anglers, but a new survey has found that a surprising number of women are attracted to pictures of men holding fish!

Women’s Health magazine has recently published an article after a survey in the US discovered that nearly half of women were attracted to men who used photos of themselves holding fish on their online dating profile – pretty much the opposite of what most of us would probably expect!

But before you get too excited and rush to change your profile picture, it is worth considering that only certain types of fish are seen as attractive, and carp aren’t very high on the list, especially smaller sized ones!

The study was carried out by a Swedish company that owns the Fishbrain fishing app, and they surveyed 18 to 35-year-old men in Florida and found that 22 per cent of them pose with a recently caught fish in their profile picture. They then carried out a survey of 1,000 women at a college, also in Florida, and found that 46 per cent of them said that they found men who posed with fish sexier than those who didn’t!

Strangely it was a species called the great northern tilefish that proved most popular, followed by the sailfish, but just 1 per cent of those polled were into photos of small carp, so be careful which photos you choose to use if you are going to opt for a fishing one.

Fishbrain commented: “Lean, powerful and independent, it could be interpreted that a sailfish in a man’s dating profile hints at athleticism, fitness and a free-spiritedness.”

Women’s Health magazine was less than convinced about the wider spread validity of the survey though, as Florida as a state is mad keen on fishing anyway, and they weren’t convinced that the same results would be found elsewhere, so if you do use a profile picture of you with a fish on a dating site, don’t expect women to be queuing up to go out with you just because of that!

If the popularity of the first series of The Big Fish Off is anything to go by, with over 6 million people having seen it so far and the second series about to hit our TV screens, then fishing is definitely a sport that people in the UK are taking an interest in, including plenty of non-anglers who watched the shows.