Choddy snares colourful koi!

Korda Germany’s Sebastian Lendzian has been in touch with pictures of an amazing 35lb koi, caught last weekend on a 25-acre pit in North East Germany.

Sebastian told us: “I’m quite overwhelmed about people’s reaction to this fish. It’s really not what I expected. Well, what about to say about the catch? The venue I caught it from is a 25-acre, big sand pit not far away from where I live and the swim was pre-baited four times before me and a friend went fished there.”

“We knew that fish are still on food in this lake and so we put 2kg rod in each time of feeding – getting through 48kg overall. But it worked out for us, takes came frequently and overall we had 12 takes and about eight fish in that session. An acceptable result.”

“Of course, one of these takes was from this amazing 35lb koi! As you can see on my arm on one of the pictures the koi was absolutely on our bait. The rig I caught it on was a readyt-tied chod rig with the Heli-Safe system and Dark Matter Heli Leader, which work together brilliantly.”

“The hookbait was a 15mm Banoffee from Mainline from the High Impact Range soaked in Tigernut Goo. Great combination! The take came in nearly 5m deep water just after lunch.”

“I also caught the same fish at 33lb last year, so it seems to like me!”