Chilham Haul - Ben Warboys

After spending the weekend up in Oxford watching the British Young Carp Angling Championships at Linear Fisheries, I thought it was time to get down to one of my syndicate waters, Chilham Mill. I headed down there on a Monday for a 48-hour session. Chilham Mill is one of the most popular fisheries in the Mid Kent portfolio.
Once I’d arrived on the Monday morning, I had a walk round to see if I could see anything show to give me a rough idea of where they could be holding up. I went for Peg 9 (Bailiff’s Island). Once set up I put out two solid bags to different spots at different ranges, just to see if I could get a bite before I started having a mark around. The first two hours passed with no sign of any bites so I thought it was time to bring the rods in and have a mark about to find a clear spot. After a few casts I managed to find a nice hard silt spot at around 50 yards. Once I’d got the rods clipped up, I put out five kilos of particles, followed by the two rods. The Chilham fish love their bait so I thought that I’d let them have a lot of it.
The first night passed without a bleep, until 6am the next morning when the left-hand rod ripped off on the Solidz bag. After a good battle with a big common, she was in the net. I knew that it was a good fish when I got her on the mat. I said to my dad “that’s a thirty-plus fish there”. The needle on the scales spun round to 31lb 1oz, HAPPY DAYS! With a new PB common I was buzzing. I put the rod straight back out on the spot, with another 30 spods on top. It didn’t take long before I was into another fish. This time it was another common at 20lb 2oz. As the session went on I went on to land another four fish, including another common, which went 30lb 12oz. The rig that I used was a drop-off inline and a four-inch Supernatural hook link, with a size 10 Wide Gape. I used a small piece of silicone tube on the eye of the hook to help it turn and hook quicker. By the end of the session I’d landed six fish including two thirties, one twenty and a few others from 16lb up to just under 20lb. Until next time, Ben Warboys.