Champions of Essex! - Billy Flowers and Jamie Londors

Team Korda’s newest recruits, match maestros Billy Flowers and Jamie Londors finally broke their Essex Carp Championships hoodoo and won the event at the third time of asking. The experienced duo, who are an integral part of the Korda Team England setup, have qualified for the big-money final twice before, but due to poor draws have been unable to make the impact that they’d like.
Having won their qualifier at Honeypot Lakes recently, the lads progressed to the 16-pair final, which was held at A12 Cuton Lakes this weekend just gone. Rather than a watercraft draw, the final starts with pairs pulling peg numbers out of the hat. Billy and Jamie drew peg one, which they felt was a decent peg, but certainly not their favourite. They had taken the time to practice on the venue the weekend before, to sharpen their tactical choices. The weather was hot then and the lads tore the venue apart, taking 84 fish in a day session, spodding over zigs. Little did they know, but their tactical choices were to be limited by the weather, which was much cooler on the day of the actual match.
They approached the swim as they normally would, preparing three areas to fish, which would allow them to chop and change to keep the fish coming. The pair chose a margin spot, a spot in open water, and the far tree line to attack. In a twist to the rules, each pair were allowed two rods only, so selecting the right spots to concentrate on would be critical. They spodded to the open-water spot, but quickly realised that their best area was in fact the far tree line, well past their spodded area. They blasted Solidz PVA bags, filled with Mainline Spod & PVA Pellet Mix, crushed Cell boilies and Response Pellets, to the far margin to take 13 fish for a total of 126lb, which was roughly double the second-placed team’s total.
They used Cell hook baits, tipped with plastic corn and smothered in Almond Goo, before being dusted in ground bait. These special hook baits were presented on simple blow-back rigs incorporating Supernatural braid, Wide Gape B hooks, shrink tube and micro rig rings. The duo used their Eazi-sticks to scatter 18mm Cell freebies along the tree line to keep the fish searching for food.
Although they caught plenty of doubles in their practice session, Billy and Jamie seemed to be catching smaller fish in the final, with their biggest going 16lb. Of the 13 fish banked, just six were over 10lb. This was enough for the duo to romp to victory though, claiming their first Essex Carp Championship title and a cheque for £3000. Billy and Jamie told Korda, “ We’re simply over the moon and the main reason is that we’re Essex boys, and this is our home patch. We’ve won matches in the Midlands and other places, but to win it back home is nice. After qualifying twice before, it was great to finally take the top spot.” All that remains to be said is, well done lads, and keep the results coming!