Caught On A Kaptor - Gaz Fareham

The awesome new Kaptor range has been tested all over the UK during the last 18 months. Throughout this period, stacks of carp have fallen to the new super-sharp hooks, but some captures stand out. This is one of them.
There surely can't be a harder testing ground than Yateley Car Park Lake, but that's exactly where Gaz Fareham tried the new range. He told us,
"I'd been watching and feeding the Baby Orange for a couple of weeks prior to the capture, prepping the little margin spot with hemp, pellets, chopped nuts and my 12mm boilies. I’d been raking the weed off the line lay into the spot and even set up an 'anti-mallard' defence in the shape of some strategically placed branches to stop them getting to the bait on the exposed 5ft deep gravel shelf. About a week prior I gave the spot a big hit of maybe 10 to 15 kilos - covering the spot completely. There were plenty of tench in evidence along the margin so I knew if the carp didn't get to it then the tench would make sure it was cleaned off.
"Finally, the change in the weather that I was looking for came in and the trap was carefully laid. The rig was positioned before my new makeshift 'canopy' of heavy, leafy branches was manoeuvred into position. The rig was my usual arrangement but with the new size 6 Gravely Brown Kaptors being the only change. My faith put in the shape and strength of the Wide Gape was as strong as always. Just two hours later the trap was sprung by a 20lb stocky – a nice scaley Sutton, but not the one I wanted. I just managed to get things reset before dark and at 10:30pm the trap was away again, but this time I reached into the net after a heavy and nervous battle out in the weed to feel a solid set of shoulders. They belonged to none other than the Baby Orange – 39lb 14oz of solid Yateley mirror, well chuffed!"