Catch More Carp!

What do real carp anglers make of Darrell Peck’s Kordatorial service then? Well, they seem pretty impressed…

“Absolutely brilliant, I will be booking up for another lesson.”
Jason Williams

“Fantastic” There is nothing that Darrell Peck does not know about carp angling. He has a natural way of relaying this information.”
John Evens

Those are just two of the satisfied customers who’ve booked Darrell to help them improve as a carp angler. It’s clear from these early testimonials that Darrell has got just the right mix of personality and sheer carp angling nous to be the perfect carp tutor. Not only have our Kordatorial customers learnt loads, they’ve nearly all caught carp too, including a smattering of personal bests along the way!
Now is the time to be honest and assess just how your season is going. If you’re not catching quite as many as you’d like, then it could be a good time to see what advice from a professional like Darrell could do for your season.
It’s well worth remembering that Darrell isn’t there to preach at you from some syllabus, instead he’ll let you dictate the subjects that you cover – tailoring the lesson to your needs. That way, you’ll iron out any creases in your approach and get you catching more fish. Perhaps the most important thing that can come out of these Kordatorials is a boost in confidence for the pupil. Nothing builds carping confidence quicker than knowing that you’re doing it right, and Darrell will certainly make sure of that.
Pop across to our Kordatorial page on this very site to book up your session with Darrell and be prepared to catch more carp!