Carp Scene Rocked - Oli Groom

Every now and again a special water is discovered that creates a terrific buzz within the carp world. This is one such story. Oli Groom stumbled on a large, private water that holds carp that haunt our dreams. In a few short months he banked a host of thirties and six forties, including a 44lb mirror, two 45lb mirrors and a 46lb common! It seems that he hasn't finished yet either because there may be bigger carp to be caught. Here's the story so far in Oli's own words...

"After a couple of years doing the rounds on the usual waters, I came across a rare opportunity to fish a bit of a mystery lake. My first visits were reconnaissance trips, allowing me to break the marker rod out and search out some areas. I certainly found an abundance of weed! With this in mind, I came up with two tactical approaches that I decided to split between my three rods. I fished one on a bottom bait and the other two on chod rigs. I caught straight away, none of the fish were earth-shattering but I did account for a stunning fully scaled of around the 25lb mark.
It wasn’t long before I tracked down some huge fish though. The first of these leviathans to fall to my approach was a true whacker, weighing in at a new PB weight of 44lb. It fell foul of an Innovate Baits Squid2T pop-up, mounted on a chod rig using Korda Mouth Trap hook link and a size 8 Korda Choddy hook.
After that I seemingly couldn’t put a foot wrong, banking another forty, this time a 46lb common, which fell to a Korda Kurv Shank size 6, mounted on 20lb Korda Hybrid Soft. Once again, I baited up with Innovate Squid2T baits. Over the next couple of weeks I proceeded to catch another forty along with a 39lb mirror. The winter was fairly quiet although I caught up until late November, banking various twenties and a few thirties. I got back to catching in February and have banked another two 44lb mirrors since, as well as four 30lb commons, two 30lb mirrors and various cracking 20lb mirrors. Truly an awesome year’s fishing!"