Carp Killers!

Are beloved carp are under threat folks and the results could be potentially devastating to stocks across Britain. The predatory otter is the culprit. Some of the countries finest big fish have been torn to shreds and eaten over the last year or so, mainly in the Bedfordshire area, but numbers are increasing each day. A well-known carp across the circuit called Starburst, at over 40lb, from Willington was found dead earlier this year, having been mulled by the predatory otter.
Unfortunately for us carp anglers the numbers of otters are on the increase. This is due to the removal of toxic waste from our waterways and the reintroduction programme that has been undertaken in the UK. Luckily the last releases were back in 1999 and no otters are now being bred for release. However, all the otters around now are the progeny of wild animals and are reasserting their natural distribution – a national survey found that otters are present in 36 per cent of sites considered.
Big carp are extremely vulnerable to the otter and unfortunately to a degree nature has to take its course. Otters are actually protected under European legislation, but can be prevented with the use of fencing techniques. There is a website that has more info on this – www.anglingtrust.net
Do not let otters take over your fishery, act now!