Carp Gypsies get off to a great start on their latest adventure!

The Carp Gypsies – German duo Alexander Kobler and his girlfriend Caroline Dicachi – have been in touch to update us about their latest exploits as they travel across Europe in pursuit of big carp in wild waters.

They found themselves on a large water in France with a very low stock of carp, which they had never fished before, but got off to an amazing start when they were joined by two friends for their first night at the venue, and Alexander decided on a change of tactics at 1am!

Alexander revealed: “My friend Gilles and his girlfriend Marie were visiting us for two nights, and he hadn’t fished for months.

“It was long after dark when the fire had gone out and the girls had gone to bed when myself and Gilles were stood by the rods talking, when something suddenly struck me.

“When I’d been swimming earlier I’d felt plenty of rocks and stones, yet when I placed the rods there had only been silt and sand further out in the deeper water, and although the lake is big, the only structure is found close to the bank and the rest is barren like a muddy desert.

“The rocky spot between my other lines was most likely home to lots of crayfish, and Gilles looked surprised when I reeled one rod in, as it was 1am, and swung out a single tiger nut tipped with fake maize into the waves and felt it land hard on the stones. Gilles threw some nuts around it, and then I reminded him that the first run was his, handing him one of my Delkim receivers before we went to bed.

“I awoke at dawn and had just turned in the sleeping bag to snooze a bit longer when the Delkim gave some slow bleeps and it was the rod close in. We thought it might only be a chub but jumped into the boat anyway and were over the fish in no time.

“Then the rod tip bent down hard and there was no doubt that he was attached to a carp, and when it came to the surface we saw it was a big mirror. The scales settled on 22.2kg (nearly 49lb) and my gut feeling to change things had turned into a dream fish a few hours later!

“Once it had been photographed and returned I was left wondering if I would also get to land a fish like it in the near future, but the lake is very low stock and we’d been so lucky to catch one of its jewels on our first night there.

“And indeed the second night passed without any action, but on the third night I had another take on the close in rod and it was another dream carp, pristine and long, which had once again fallen to my sour-fermented tiger nuts.”