Carp Academy student puts new knowledge to good use!

It’s been the best year ever for Korda Carp Academy students getting out on the bank and putting what they learnt to good use, with a flurry of good catches being reported by them since the 48 hour event.

Adam Biddulph paid a visit to Oxford Linear Fisheries’ Oxlease Lake and managed to land a ten fish catch, including a 22lb 8oz mirror to end the session on a high.

He explained: “I arrived to find that one of the island swims was free and found an area where the silt meets the gravel. I started by baiting with ten spods of hemp, corn, boilie and maggot, and then cast solid bags over the top.

“The swim usually produces a few fish but after the first night I hadn’t had anything, so early morning I set off around the lake for a walk to try and find a few fish.

“I found them next to the reed line, so I dropped a bucket in the swim and quickly moved the rest of my gear.

“I had a good look in the bay to see if I could see any signs of fish and then flicked out two solid bags to where I had seen the fish and put five spods of bait in to start with. Within an hour of casting out my right hand rod was away and after a nerve-wracking fight I managed to slip a high double over the net cord.

“As soon as it was in the net I put three spods of bait out so that if there was a big shoal of them out there they wouldn’t wipe out all of my bait before I could get the rod back out, and after unhooking the fish I put on another solid bag and got it on the spot first cast. Now my rods were in the water I got the fish out and it weighed 18lb 15oz, which was a great start to the session.

“I decided to put a couple of spods out to ‘ring the dinner bell’ and it worked as not long after that I had another hard-fighting Oxlease carp, a low double this time. I was fishing along the reedbed so that whatever way they came out they would find the bait, and this meant fishing locked up so as not to lose them.

“Things went a bit quiet for a couple of hours and I decided not to put any more bait in until I had another bite as I was worried that all the disturbance was pushing them further back into the reeds.

“My plan worked as I had a couple of bleeps and hooked into a hard-fighting common, but despite topping up the swim for the night in the hope that I’d catch a few in quick succession, I didn’t have any more action until the next morning.

“I’d decided to try hemp oil in my PVA bags, and it worked when I had a low double and the 22lb 8oz mirror before the weather changed and they moved out into open water. That night I could hear them crashing in front of me and at 2am my alarm screamed, but it turned out to be a 3lb carp, which isn’t normal for the lake!

“Carp Academy really helped me to fish PVA bags with confidence and I also learnt to get into a rhythm with baiting up. I would recommend it to all young anglers!”

Adam tempted his six carp catch using a piece of artificial corn fished on a size 4 Wide Gape hook to 3-4 inches of 20lb Dark Matter braid.