Carp Academy student lands second PB in as many weeks!

It’s always great to see young anglers using the skills that they have learnt during our annual Korda Carp Academy and putting them to good use in their own fishing afterwards!

Since coming along to this year’s Carp Academy and spending 48 hours with carp ace Brian Skoyles, Harry Willats has now managed to set two new personal bests, following up a PB common with his biggest ever mirror!

His first ever mirror over twenty weighed in at 21lb and came during a visit to a lake that is owned by his uncle – but which he never normally lets anyone fish, not even his nephew!

Harry explained: “I’d just got back from the tackle shop when my uncle rang and asked if I wanted to come and fish his lake for a few hours. I was absolutely buzzing at this opportunity because he had told me so much about his lake but never lets anyone fish it.

“I ran to my bedroom, where I keep all my fishing gear, and grabbed my bait bucket – which contained of a few kilos of Red Spicy Fish boilies, pop-ups and glugs, plus a selection of different Goo – a couple of rods, net, unhooking mat and my back pack which was ready to go. I also made sure I had my new 4th Dimension polarized sunglasses as well, which I was kindly given at the Academy.

“When I arrived at the lake there were carp crashing everywhere, so I decided to set up in a swim that had a lot of water in front of it and set about finding a shallower area to fish. I settled on a two foot deep bar about 40 yards in front of me and spodded out a mixture of boilies and pellets.

“I put one rod on the bar and the other just short of it as I thought that might be where the bigger fish were patrolling, and soon afterwards I was rewarded with the 21lb mirror on the shorter rod. My uncle came and took some photos and was really happy to see how well the fish were growing in the lake.

“After that I had another mirror of 18lb 8oz and then finished off the session with a lovely common of 18lb 9oz. It was an amazing session for me and hopefully I will be returning to try and catch some more carp like these ones!”

Harry’s rigs consisted of hi-vis pink pop-ups fished on multi rigs with size 6 Krank Choddy hooks to 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff hook links.