Carp Academy student banks the biggest fish in his syndicate!

Our 2016 Carp Academy students have been catching some fantastic fish since the event, and have been putting what they learnt to good use!

The latest being Jack Lennox-Robb, who fished with Mark Cavaciuti during the Acadmey, who has recently banked a fantastic new PB mirror of 34lb 8oz, the biggest fish in his syndicate water in East Sussex!

He explained: “I arrived at my syndicate water on a cold, misty morning and had a walk round to see if I could locate any carp and to see if any of the other anglers had caught.

“The lake is around 4-5 acres in size, and is long, narrow and tree-lined, and the three anglers who were on there at the time were all down at the car park end, and when I spoke to them I found out that they hadn’t caught or seen anything.

“So I loaded up my barrow and headed up to the other end of the lake, and by the time I had everything set up it was late morning. I was casting 50 yards across the lake to a tiny gap in the trees along the far margin, and baited with a mixture chopped and whole boilies.

“The next morning I was up at first light watching the water as the mist rolled off of it, and listening to the birds waking up. I got up around 6.45am and put the kettle on to warm myself up, and I was just about to pour the water into my cup when my receiver bleeped a couple of times, and as I looked up I saw the bobbin dropping back.

“I sprinted to the rod and bent into a heavy weight on the other end, and whatever I was attached to was darting from bush to bush, and then started kiting into the bay to my left.

“Having blanked for the previous six nights that I’d fished, I was just praying that it stayed on, even more so when I got it in close and could see from the scales that it was the linear. At that point my knees started shaking like jelly because I knew which fish it was, and I then had to play it under my feet for what felt like the longest ten minutes of my life!

“Finally it gave up and I slipped the net under the biggest fish in the lake and I couldn’t believe that I’d caught it. I unhooked it and quickly put it in my retainer, before going round to the other side of the lake where my dad was fishing, to tell him what I had caught and so he could come round and give me a hand weighing and photographing it.

“The needle spun round to 34lb 8oz, which was a new PB, and although this fish normally goes over 37lb I didn’t care one bit, as I was happy just to have caught it!”