Carp Academy student banks four PBs in just a few days!

Those taking part in our annual Carp Academy for young anglers usually learn plenty to take away and use in their own fishing – but this year has been exceptional in terms of catches subsequently being reported to us by the students from that event!

A lot of effort goes into organising Carp Academy, and the tutors give up their own time to make it happen, so it is great when they then see the kids going off and putting their new knowledge to good use.

That has certainly been the case with Pablo Gonzalez, who has been in contact with his tutor James Turner to inform him of no less than four new personal bests in the space of just a few days, including a couple of fish over 30lb!

Pablo revealed: “I turned up one evening at my local water, which is long, weedy and tricky to catch from.

“I walked round to try and see some signs of fish, and on my way back to the top end of the lake I saw a back rise out of the water, and as it was the only sign I’d seen I decided to get on it, and went round to the other side as my line lay would be better from there.

“The lake is very weedy and I opted to fish two short chod rigs, which I learnt to tie at Carp Academy, and used two of the pop-ups that James had given me, not wanting to catapult out any freebies and risk spooking them.

“I was fishing locked up because of the weed and half-an-hour later my rod tip bent round and after a hard fight through the weedbeds I landed a dark 22lb common. I retained it whilst I waited for my dad to come and do some photos and put out half a kilo of boilies, hoping that the fish would stay in the area.

“After the photos I cast back out and only had to wait an hour before my rod bent round again, and this time it was a massive mirror and a new PB at 30lb. I was shocked as the lake was fishing slow, and then just as I was packing away I was even more surprised to get another bite, and this time it was another mirror of 26lb.

“That made it three fish that broke my PB in one afternoon session and it was certainly the trip of a lifetime and I made use of all the tips I’d picked up.”

At the time Pablo didn’t realise just how short-lived his new PB would be, as he broke it again on his next session just a couple of days later!

“After that session I was excited to get back to the lake to see if I could get another of the big ones.

“When I arrived I didn’t see any activity so I decided to go back in the spot where I’d had success a couple of days before, and as I didn’t see any signs of fish in the area I decided to put in some bait and hoped that they’d get on it later.

“A couple of hours later fish started to fizz on my spot and then the rod tip bent round and the fish swirled on the surface. As I was playing it I knew that it was big as it was a big dead weight on the line, but I couldn’t believe that I was about to net my second thirty in a couple of days!

“It ended up weighing 32lb 4oz, and was a result of fishing in a way that I wouldn’t have done before I attended Carp Academy.”