Carp Academy on Sky Sports!

Carp Academy 2012 hits your screens this coming week and the two shows are as action-packed as ever!

Presented by Ali Hamidi, the two episodes document the Korda Carp Academy 2012, which was held at prolific venue, Manor Farm Fishing near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. Carp Academy is recognised as carp fishing’s best teach-in, and the lucky carp students are put through their paces by an expert team of tutors.
This year, the team included Danny Fairbrass, Tom Dove, Damian Clarke, James Armstrong, Elliott Gray, Luke Stevenson, Oli Bowles, Andrew Endean, Jake Wildbore, Pete Castle, Darrell Peck, Adam Penning, Mark Bryant, Jim Wilson, Dan Bruton and Ed Betteridge; a more experienced bunch, we’d struggle to imagine!
Not only did the kids pick up loads from their tutors, but you can too, by tuning in to the two episodes of CA 2012. Just check the schedules printed below…

Episode 1 27/11/12 18:30 Sky Sports 4 Digital
Episode 1 27/11/12 00:30 Sky Sports 4 Digital
Episode 1 28/11/12 10:00 Sky Sports 2 Digital
Episode 2 04/12/12 19:00 Sky Sports 4 Digital
Episode 2 04/12/12 01:00 Sky Sports 2 Digital
Episode 2 04/12/12 04:00 Sky Sports 3 Digital
Episode 2 05/12/12 12:00 Sky Sports 2 Digital