Carp Academy graduate lands a PB!

The success of Korda Carp Academy, which takes young anglers and teams them up with a member of Team Korda for a weekend’s tutorial of a lifetime, continues with recent graduate Brandon Lilley netting a 30-pounder.

Brentford-based Brandon headed to a club water in Hertfordshire for a session with his dad Gary, who told us: “Last weekend we went to Lancaster Lake at the Lysader Fisheries in Sawbridgeworth. We got there about 7pm and set up for the night, in the morning we both caught our first fish then Brandon caught a nice 16lb common.

“But just as night fell, he got a strange bite so he picked up the rod and was into a nice fish - we saw a big swirl as it got nearer and we could see it was a common.

“After 25 minutes we had it in the net - when I first took a look a thought it was a good 20, but when we took another look together I knew he had a big 20 or more.

“So we got the scales and sure enough they went right round to 33lb 8oz, so we got the fish and I weighed the sling and then we knew the final weight of 31lb 8 oz - his first 30-plus carp and a common.”

“Brandon was over the moon, and what’s more he caught it on his own homemade boilies and rig, and he told me that when he was playing he saw a shooting star and made a wish - who says dreams don’t come true!” added Gary.

Elliott Gray, who tutored Brandon at the Carp Academy weekend in 2013 at Manor Farm in Biggleswade, said: “Brandon was a pleasure to tutor and it’s great to see him doing so well. Congratulations on your first 30, Brandon, I hope it’s the first of many!”

Brandon caught the PB on his own homemade boilies, which he constructed using a Mainline Hybrid base mix with the addition of a Response Milky Toffee flavour.

Email applications for Carp Academy 2015 are still open for a few more days - go to the home page, click on the events tab and download the PDF application via the link on the right-hand side of the page. All the information about the event is contained within the PDF document.

Lancaster Lake is run by Veralum Angling Club, who offer a multitude of waters around Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire on a £129-a-year (or £172 for a family ticket and £43 for 16-18-year-olds) ticket.

The well-stocked lake is part of their Lysander Park fishery and contains carp and catfish to well over 36lb with night fishing allowed. Head to www.verulam-angling.co.uk for more.