Carp Academy Graduate ends 8 month Campaign with PB

The Carp Academy has to be one of our most loved events of the year and it’s great to see graduates heading back to their waters armed with newly acquired knowledge to angle for those fish that have previously alluded them for some time.

One such angler is Tyler. He attended the academy back in 2013 and has been in touch ever since. He’s latest email, however, warranted sharing. Tyler wrote…

“On the 12th of August I managed to get back out and do a 48hr session on my Local Park Lake. After walking the bank for a while I could see the wind was hacking into a corner of the lake that has took my liking on many occasions.

I sat down in the swim and watched the water for some signs of carp in the area. After about 20-30 minutes a carp gave away its location just off an over-hanging tree on the end of the wind. There wasn’t any doubt in my head from that moment on.

I managed to place three rods within close vicinity of where I saw the carp show. I flicked out my favourite balanced rig on a helicopter set up. I’ve been tipping a selection of Mainline Cell and Maple 8 bottom baits with some yellow Fake Food to add a splash of color and negate the weight of the hook. The hook link was constructed from the Semi-Stiff version of the N-Trap and a size 8 Krank with the addition of an oval rig-ring and a sinker to help pin the rig on the lakebed.

I’d been introducing 15mm bottom baits little and often to encourage the fish to route around looking for bait.

The time spent looking for fish at the beginning of the session paid off. Within the first four hours I’d managed to land three fish that included a 29lb 8oz common known as ‘Cut Tail’. My target fish for the last 8 months.

I was over the moon when I netted this fish and couldn't wait for the water shots. The session concluded with me managing to land eight carp in total; 29lb 8oz, 23lb, 20lb, 20lb 2oz, 19lb, 16lb 14oz, 15lb 3oz, 14lb, all being commons. I was completely over-whelmed by this dream session and as I was packing up I was already deep in thought as to what fish I would be targeting next.