Carp Academy 2011 - The Wait is over

The wait is over – Carp Academy 2011 is just around the corner. The monster teach-in will be held at a new venue in front of the Sky TV cameras. After a successful couple of years at Thorpe Lea, CA has moved to Manor Farm Fishery near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire – a complex with a real variety of fishing for the pupils to sample. The event will be taking place between Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th August 2011.
All of the lucky youngsters who’ve been selected from the thousands who applied to take part in this year’s event will be notified shortly. So, what can they expect once they’re there? Well, they’ll each be assigned a big-name tutor who’ll have a detailed syllabus to take their pupils through. This helps to ensure that each pupil gets a thorough grounding in the staple carp-fishing techniques and tactics.
Just imagine; if you’re one of the lucky few, you could end up fishing with Danny Fairbrass or Darrell Peck for 48 hours, picking up the little habits that make them top anglers. As with previous CA events, the whole thing will be captured for Sky TV, so there’s the added buzz of perhaps seeing yourself on telly for the pupils. For the rest of us, the result should be a couple of interesting fact-packed shows!
We’ll announce the dates for the screening of the shows later in the year.