Buy a calendar - help save a carp!

The annual Embryo Angling calendar has been a huge success so far and sales have helped to fence and protect a number of lakes, and that looks set to continue with the release of the 2019 version.

The Embryo calendar – ‘A year in carp fishing’ – features a selection of stunning photographs that were sent in to us, and out of the hundreds that we received, the twelve best ones were included, one for each month of the year.

Embryo Angling was formed to protect the future of carp fishing, and has already been doing so by stocking and fencing its own waters – often ones which had been devastated by predation prior to Embryo taking over.

As well as fencing its own waters, it also provides fencing and installation to other waters as well, but in cases where those venues are owned by clubs that are unable to afford a predator fence, it does have some budget to fund the job, and has done in a number of cases already.

The Embryo calendar helps to fund that, as all of the profit - £7 from the £7.99 charged for the calendar – goes towards fencing, and each calendar sold raises enough for one metre of fencing. With 4,000 calendars now on sale via tackle shops across the country – and from https://www.korda24.com – that equates to roughly 4km of fencing, which is enough to protect the future of several fisheries.

As well as the stunning selection of images, the calendar is also packed full of useful information, including seasonal tips from top anglers such as Danny Fairbrass, Neil Spooner, Darrell Peck, Tom Dove, Ali Hamidi, Rob Burgess and photo judge Kev Wyatt – a previous winner himself. It also features a moon phase calendar and highlights the top days to be out on the bank each month.

Danny Fairbrass enthused: “I urge you to buy one, no one takes a profit from it and that includes the tackle shop which sells it, they don’t get a bean, Korda produced it for no cost whatsoever, and the printers printed it at cost, so £7 from each calendar goes towards fencing a lake that cannot afford to do it themselves.

“The first two calendars have already fenced four lakes, and the ones that spring to mind recently were Bovington Two, on the Colchester Angling Preservation Society ticket, and also Oxfordshire Anglers Alliances’ Dorchester Lake, which had lost some absolutely stunning fish over the last few years. We also added five new fish to Dorchester Lake to make up for the ones which had been taken by otters, using the money from the first couple of calendars.

“So, I sincerely hope that we sell all 4,000 calendars this year – we’ve printed more than ever before – and if we do then we will be able to fence three, maybe four lakes, that cannot afford to do it themselves. I hope all the members of the lakes which we’ve already fenced go out and buy a calendar, as well as everyone who is a member of one of the Embryo syndicates, along with people who have nothing to do with either, as it is a beautiful piece of work.”

Each of the photographers who had their photos chosen for inclusion in the calendar – Matthew Lockett; Eric Seitz; Rupert Whiteman; Dave Dyson; James Pope; Luke Hayes; Mike Bromfield; James Rabjohns; and Tim Booker - receive an amazing prize bundle consisting of: their choice of ticket on any Embryo lake for a full year; £250 worth of Korda tackle of his choice; £250 worth of Mainline bait; plus a professionally framed picture of their image.

The calendars are available now and would make the ideal Christmas gift, so make sure you get your hands on one before they run out, and at the same time help protect carp from predation.