Bush Farm produces some stunning carp for Tyler O'Flynn!

Tyler O’Flynn has been lucky enough to grab a few sessions on Bush Farm before it opens it’s doors to the public, and made the most of it on his latest session with a ten fish haul!

Bush Farm, near Upminster, Essex, is due to open in April, having recently been stocked with some stunning VS Fisheries C5 carp, and bigger, with fish to 32lb having gone in – with Ali Hamidi on hand to help introduce the fish supplied by fellow Team Korda member and fisheries scientist Simon Scott. The venue has been created by local carp angler Lee Hornsby after he bought the venue from CEMEX Angling, and he has done a lot of work on it, including removing 2,000 small, stunted commons!

Tyler has been getting plenty of action, including a stunning 15lb fully-scaled mirror on his latest session, and here he reveals some of the tactics that have been working for him.

He explained: “I had a few days off work and wanted to get a bend in the rods, so Bush Farm was the perfect place. I arrived at around 7am and the weather was spot on, overcast and with low pressure, and after walking round the lake a few times I found them at last!

“They were bubbling around 30-40 yards out in a swim that I’d won a match from a few months back, and this was definitely a spot I had to put a rig on. It wasn’t long before I had my first fish in the net and it turned into a great session with ten fish to over 15lb.

“I started by putting in five pouches of Mainline Cell boilies scattered over each spot I fished, and decided to fish a multi rig over the top as I’ve found in the past that a bait popped up slightly works better than one on the bottom, as the lakebed has some debris on it.

“I tie this rig using ten inches of 20lb N-Trap Semi-stiff with a size 8 Choddy hook and pinch a BB shot on under the knot and then mould some Dark Matter putty around it so that it just sinks my pop-up.

“I’ve tried various different colours and sizes of pop-up and found that 12mm pink ones worked best, and the Almond Goo was a great edge and sometimes produced instant takes!”

When it opens, the 4.5 acre lake will be available for anyone to fish, as long as you pay £30 to become a member, and it’s then £25 per 24 hours. For more details check out the Bush Farm Facebook page.