Bruton Bags a Brute - Dan Bruton

This year has certainly started with a bang. At the end of March I caught my target fish at a personal best weight of 44lb, from a no-publicity venue. That capture enabled me to start looking at a new water, West Stow in Suffolk. I haven’t ever angled in my home county for a forty pounder so I was very excited.

I did a couple of recce nights to get a feel for the beautiful lake and hopefully spot a few its inhabitants. Although they didn’t produce any bites, I felt I was already learning a lot about how the fish used the pit. My third trip down saw my first piece of action; I watched a couple of fish launch themselves out of the water, off the corner of an island. Within an hour or so I was staring down at a big, round mirror of just under 34lb. I couldn’t believe my luck and was over the moon.

I went away from that trip very happy and the following week I backed it up with a long, 23lb common, after watching a huge display of fish on top of me. Those bigger fish certainly seemed to hold off the main shows so for my next trip I knew exactly where I needed to be, and that was back on the corner of the island that the thirty-four came from. The bigger fish loved it there and in the warm conditions, I saw fish cruising in the area. I had to wait an hour or two for the fish to vacate, and then had my opportunity to cast out a trusty Trent Baits Tikka Spice hook bait, which had been soaked in Freshwater Shrimp Amino 30 liquid.

Less than two hours later the island rod pulled up tight and I connected with what felt like a big fish. After five minutes or so of heavy battle the fish came in from the right. The fish showed off his left flank, giving away it’s two scales on his side and I knew exactly what I was attached to from that point onwards. After another very powerful five or six minutes of the fish constantly taking line off of me, he finally gave in and was slipped into the net.

It was major elation to have caught the king of the pond, Two Scale, after just five nights of angling and at a very healthy 41lb 14oz. He was in stunning condition for an old English carp and he powered off into the crystal clear waters to fight another day.

After a quick recast and a nice handful of Tikka free offerings, the cast produced another very old, stunning, scaly mirror of 29lb, which capped off an extremely memorable trip.

All of the fish were caught using 20lb N-Trap Soft, fished straight through to a legendary size 6 Kaptor Wide Gape, and a big, inline, running flat pear lead.

Be Lucky

Dan Bruton