Brilliant new series of Monster Carp is about to hit your screens!

It’s that time of year again to set record on your TV, sit back and relax, and enjoy a fantastic new series of Monster Carp.

Season five gets underway on August 27 at 8pm, on ITV4, with a 90 minute special, as Ali Hamidi, Neil Spooner and Tom Dove travel halfway across the world to Thailand, and the fishing is so epic on this trip that we had to extend the show by half-an-hour!

This action-packed series sees the three presenters targeting more different carp species than ever before, including a number which haven’t previously featured on Monster Carp, and of course includes some huge king carp in various locations across Europe.

Filming of the new series was interrupted by Covid-19 which scuppered any overseas travel plans, but we wanted to make sure we still finished it off on time, so there is a first for Monster Carp, with an episode filmed in the UK, and it ended up being one of the best ones ever!

This series also sees the intrepid trio pursuing big carp in Hungary and Holland, and as well as being highly entertaining to watch with the usual banter between the presenters, it is also packed full of useful information and tips to help you catch more carp in your own fishing.

Their latest adventures begin when they return to Thailand, but this time they will be fishing for a number of species of carp that they haven’t targeted before, including the stunning looking Jullien’s golden carp. The trip begins at Fishing Park Samui, on the holiday island of Koh Samui, before they move to the more familiar Gillhams Fishing Resorts, and things get quite competitive as there are a number of trophies up for grabs, including for the most different species.

The second episode sees them making a return to the country which holds the current king carp world record – Hungary – and this time they are fishing on a water which has produced some huge fish to over 40kg. Standing a chance of catching the bigger fish won’t be easy though, and they soon discover that like many lakes in that part of the world, it is teeming with small carp. But luckily they have a few tricks up their sleeve that they picked up during the first season of Monster Carp, when they encountered the same problem at Lake Balaton.

Episode three takes them to Holland, which is renowned for its extensive waterways, many of which contain wildie-type commons, but they will be focusing their attention on a lake called Carplantis which is home to some fantastic-looking, and very large carp, which were hand-picked and reared by the owner. They kick things off with a spot of barbel fishing on the River Meuse, with the winner getting first choice of swim, and it soon becomes clear just how important that is for the victor, as when they arrive they discover that many of the fish are being caught from one swim, and the other two presenters will have to get their tactics just right and fish in mid-water if they are to succeed.

The new season concludes with a trip to the famous Cranwells Lake, on the Wasing Estate, at home in the UK – which was home to British record fish, the Parrot, before it died a couple of years ago – where they will be targeting some beautiful, and very large carp. The fish in this venue have seen everything over the years, so it is going to be a real challenge to unlock this water in a very limited space of time.

Episode 1 airs at 8pm on August 27 at 8pm, and is repeated at 9pm on August 31 and 12:15am on September 2; Episode 2 is at 8pm on September 3, and again at 5pm on September 5 and 9pm and September 7; Episode 3 is at 8pm on September 10, and again at 5.15pm on September 12 and 9pm on September 14; and Episode 4 at 8pm on September 17, as well as 5.30pm on September 19 and 9pm on September 21.