Brilliant new episode of Thinking Tackle OD coming soon!

Thinking Tackle On Demand is back with a bang, as the Korda European sales team head to Parco del Brenta for an action-packed session, and are joined by Danny Fairbrass and Darrell Peck!

The first episode of this two-parter at the famous Italian venue, which is renowned for producing huge commons, will be available via our website or YouTube channel, and it goes out on Monday, October 7, at 7pm.

Members of the sales team travelled from all over Europe, and this meant that a wide variety of different angling tactics and techniques were being used, as they all fish vastly different venues.

Although their trip is quite late on in the year, they’ve managed to time it perfectly to coincide with some unseasonably warm weather, and this definitely means that the carp are on the munch, and the action is fast and furious from the off!

This venue is fished hard all year round and the carp are used to eating the pellets which the owner feeds them, so tactics and rigs will need to be refined to reflect that, and even the likes of Danny and Darrell, who are vastly experienced in all different types of fishing, end up learning and trying new tactics for the first time.

A lot of the fishing revolves around using small hookbaits surrounded by pellets, in some form, but even then there are quite a few different ways of fishing like this, including solid PVA bags, PVA mesh sticks, and even the Method, and the anglers featured go into detail about exactly how they fish them.

The shape of the lake means that some of the fishing is in open water, but in other areas it involves casting tight to snags – including in the swim where Danny is fishing – and they take a look at the differing approaches needed in this situation. This includes how to safely fish close to the woodwork in a way that gives you the maximum chance of landing any fish that you hook.

The anglers involved in this episode also take a look at the various different rigs that they are using, including Danny’s favoured combi-rig set-up, which features a stiff boom to which a supple hook section can easily be attached and changed when necessary. He details exactly how to tie this in a way that easily ensures that the supple part is the correct length every time.

As ever, this episode is packed full of useful information and is a very enjoyable watch as it shows it all being put into practice to catch fish, some of which are very big, with a number of PBs being landed.

This episode of Thinking Tackle On Demand will be available from Monday, October 7 at 7pm onwards, via http://www.korda.co.uk
Or you can watch it on our YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/KordaTV/featured