Braving The Storm - Logan Easton

Logan Easton hasn’t let the damp weather knock him down; he’s been out braving the conditions, in search of some cold-water carp at the famous Layer Pits.

“Each year when the temperatures drop, I always venture back to Layer Pits to get a bend in my rod. With Layer being days only, maximising your time is really important, especially in the winter months. So, we all know how important fish location is at this time of year and with little fish activity, I had to go on my knowledge of the lake. I plotted up in an area that the fish predominately shoal up in the winter.

On my first session of the year, I was pleasantly met by incredibly strong winds and heavy rain. Not exactly the best welcome to the bank, but as a result, the lake was completely empty. So, I opted to fish an area where I knew the fish normally hold up. Layer has a large stock and it’s around 18-acres in size, so, with that in mind, if I was fortunate to drop onto fish, I wanted to hold them there. I decided to Spomb a small amount of crushed and whole boilie out to my chosen spot.

It didn’t take long for the action to come; they clear enjoyed the free offerings, so I topped the swim up ready for the evening ahead. Layer normally kicks into action as the light starts to drop, so with that in mind, I was hopeful of some more action.

The bite came around 3pm; straight away I knew it was a better fish. After a long dogged fight, I managed to shuffle it into my net. Peering down to the bottom of my net, I could see a long lean common, which I thought might scrape the 30lb mark.

Battling the strong winds, it was soon clear how close it was, pulling the scales round to 29lb 15oz. Not far off, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s an absolutely belting looking common in its winter colours.

I put my rod straight back out onto the spot and it wasn’t long till I was away again. This time around it was a scale-perfect common at 24lb, after slipping that one back, it was time to get home in the warm and dry.”